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very good shotgun

my name is derrick .. i've had my sipahi b66 pump for 5 months now and its been very reliable. no issues so far ... i've ran about 60 rounds threw it and had no issues. i ran my pump using normal 1oz slugs,from hornady. 00 hornady black in the black box. all 2/3.4 as well as 00 wolf. she runs great so far.

We are a dealer in MD. A Special thanks to SIPAHI

Dear Sipahi Team,

We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to provide feedback on the shotguns we have purchased from your company. As a dealer based in MD, we have been consistently impressed with the quality of your products and the overall customer experience.

Product Quality and Performance
We have found the shotguns we purchased from your company to be of exceptional quality, featuring robust construction and reliable performance. Our customers have frequently praised the durability and accuracy of the firearms, reflecting positively on both our dealership and your brand.

Customer Support
Your customer support team has been highly responsive and professional in addressing any inquiries or concerns we have had. This level of assistance greatly contributes to the seamless purchasing experience and helps us maintain a strong relationship with our customers.

Product Range
The diverse range of shotguns offered by your company caters to various customer preferences, from beginners to experienced shooters. This variety enables us to serve a wide range of customers and fulfill their unique needs.

Shipping and Delivery
The shipping and delivery process has been consistently efficient and timely, allowing us to keep our inventory well-stocked and meet customer demands promptly. This punctuality is crucial to our business operations and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, we are extremely satisfied with the shotguns and the overall experience of purchasing from your company. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sipahi Shotguns and are excited to see what new products and innovations you will bring to the market in the future.

One of the Best in the market

The shotgun is a work of art, with beautiful wood grain and engraving that make it as much a showpiece as a tool for hunting or sport shooting.
In terms of performance, the shotgun is exceptional. The over-under design provides quick target acquisition and a natural point of aim, which makes it easier to hit targets at distance. The shotgun fires smoothly and reliably, with minimal recoil and a crisp trigger that makes it easy to keep your shots on target.
One of the standout features of this shotgun is the build quality. The craftsmanship is top-notch, with tight tolerances and excellent fit and finish throughout. The shotgun feels solid and well-balanced in the hands, which makes it easy to swing and track targets.
Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase of the over-under shotgun from Sipahi
Couple times, I asked their customer services a question, They responded in couple hrs and solved my issue.
I also have a Benelli 828U Black for a long time, I cay say that Sipahi Over/under is as quality as Benelli if not more.
I must say that Sipahi replaced my favorite brand from benelli to sipahi.
Great job guys, keep it up.

One of the best

I recently purchased the Bullpop XP12 shotgun from my local dealer in PA and I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed with this firearm. The Bullpup XP12 is a high-quality shotgun that is perfect for both hunting and home defense.

The first thing I noticed about this shotgun is its compact size, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces. The bullpup design also makes it comfortable to shoot, with a well-balanced feel and minimal recoil.

In terms of performance, the Bullpup XP12 is exceptional. It fires smoothly and reliably, with a crisp trigger and consistent accuracy. The 18-inch barrel allows for quick target acquisition.

Another great feature of this shotgun is its versatility. It comes with a variety of accessories, including a 2 magazine, and adjustable stock, which allow you to customize it to your specific needs and preferences.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase of the Bullpup XP12 It's a high-quality firearm that offers excellent performance and versatility, all at a reasonable price point. If you're in the market for a reliable and versatile shotgun, I highly recommend giving the Bullpup XP12 a try.