***** Before Start WARNING *****

  • Short Barrel Semi-auto Shotguns and Bullpup Shotguns require shotgun shotshells between
    (34gr – 50gr ) or   ( 13/16 oz - 13/4 oz) oz to perform effectively.

  • Short Barrel semi-auto shotguns and Bullpup Shotguns cannot fire target shotshells or light bird shotshells. 

  • In most cases, Sipahi shotguns work 2-3/4  and  3" magnum shotshells, but if you want higher than 3", make sure the barrel stamp runs 3.5" or higher.

  • Except for some models, most of our shotguns can fire 12 cal and 3'' magnum shotshells. Check your barrel stamp if you need a different caliber or higher shell.

  • Before loading and shooting, ensure the barrel's inside is not blocked with anything or misfired.



**** After use or Assembling QUICK TIP ***

  • Shotguns with gas operating systems must be cleaned after 75 to 200 shots, depending on the combustion quality of the gunpowder.

  • After cleaning, relax the gas piston working on the barrel.

  • (Bullpup) Depending on the barrel, there may be nuts tightened in different directions. They are for contra lock. Please tighten each one as the manual instructs.

  • It should be seated in the fork's slot behind the barrel's hand guard.

  • Ensure the barrel lock is seated properly in the forend slot when securing the barrel to the stock.

  • Be sure to tighten the chamber cover and try to separate the forends from each other when checking the barrel.

  • Ensure that all parts are tightened and in order.

"If you have any questions or need information, just send us an email (info@sipahiusa.com) with a picture, and we'll respond quickly."