The centuries-old tradition of using weapons has continued with firearms after the discovery of gunpowder. Sipahi family, the founder of the Sipahiler Gun Industry, descends from Timariots who served in the Ottoman army since 1350.

Eyüp Sipahi, the company's founder, is an innovative and driven man who saw the future of firearms and built an industrial empire around the shotgun industry. Born in Turkey in 1953, Eyüp Sipahi’s initial foray into business was as an apprentice of a well-known local producer ‘’The Gunsmith Toroman’’

Eyüp Sipahi started to make a single-shot shotgun with her master. His interest in weapon production and design continued until his 30s as an amateur. Then he began to trade weapons professionally and established Sipahiler Gun Industry in 1989. 

In 2009, Sipahiler continued its commercial life as the company with the most prominent gun stores in Istanbul and its factory in Konya, Turkey. In 2010, Sipahiler started manufacturing shotguns. Today, as one of the leading companies in the arms industry, Sipahiler’s annual sales are around 150000 units, and it is exporting products to 130 countries around the world.

From the manufacturing process to the marketing process, Sipahiler Gun Industry is one of the rarest companies in the world that controls all stages of shotgun production. As a result, Sipahiler currently offers products to large markets such as America and Europe. Furthermore, the company produces white label products for many world-famous brands. Additionally, Sipahiler is also the distributor of some ammunition companies.

In 2015, Sipahiler Gun Industry's owners established Sipahi Hunting and Tactical Inc. to evaluate American market opportunities. Operating in the American market since 2015, the company has reached a significant market share, especially in Florida and surrounding states. 

Sipahi Hunting and Tactical Inc. aim to be one of the country's 5 biggest arms-selling companies in the US market in 5 years. In addition to international trade, the company continues to work on selling American products in other markets of the world and assembling Sipahi shotguns in the United States.